Volunteering Matters
Volunteering Matters

Our vision is of a society where everyone can participate in their local community through volunteering and social action.

Current opportunities

The North Lanarkshire Befriending Project are looking for volunteers to help support vulnerable young people aged 8-18 in the local area through one to one outings. With social isolation, inequality and child poverty on the rise, the need for befrienders to help offer support to a child is higher than ever. Volunteers give a young person a positive role model in their life by passing on their skills and experience, enabling them to try new things and simply providing them with a few hours of fun. Your young person may have experienced social isolation, bullying, domestic abuse or neglect, parental drug and alcohol abuse, may have learning difficulties, may be a young offender, or any combination of these. By giving up just a couple of hours every fortnight, you could make a real difference where it is needed most. Volunteers are recruited, trained and matched 1-1 with a young person, meeting them on a regular basis and participating in fun activities within the local community. Victims of circumstance, vulnerable young people often benefit from an adult befriender who they can talk to and trust. Our project has helped many young people in the past with their social skills, self-esteem, school attendance/performance, resilience, personal safety/health and relationships. As a volunteer, you would have the satisfaction of helping a young person in need, increasing your own confidence, enhancing your skills and experience – all the while having fun as you do so! Please email james.donnelly@volunteeringmatters.org.uk or telephone 01698-574-576 to apply.

The Clackmannanshire Befriending Project recruit and train volunteers to befriend isolated, vulnerable and disadvantaged young people (aged 8-18) in the local area. Volunteers are matched one to one with a young person, meet them on a regular basis and participate in activities in the community. This could be after school, in the evening or at weekends, depending on volunteer availability. Befrienders are to be reliable, trusting and a positive role model. Activities are “timeout” for young people who often live in difficult circumstances. These young people often benefit from an adult befriender who they can talk to and trust, as well as providing them with a reason to get out of the house. The project helps young people with their social skills, self-esteem, school attendance/ performance, resilience, personal safety/ health and relationships. Young people are referred from local schools, social work or other partners. Befrienders are aged 18 years or over, have spare time on a regular basis and are committed to befriending for a minimum period of 12 months. If you are interested, contact us today for an informal chat.

Volunteering Matters are the UK's leading volunteering charity. Our Handyperson service runs in Stirling and Clackmannanshire and involves volunteers who complete small and minor maintenance jobs that some older or disabled people cannot do by themselves in their own homes. The types of jobs that volunteers complete take less than 2 hours and include things such as changing lightbulbs, hanging curtains, replacing batteries in smoke alarms, unblocking sinks, putting up shelves or building flat pack furniture. It can often be difficult to find tradespeople willing to do such minor jobs and can be somewhat dangerous for older, frail people to do themselves so that’s where our volunteers step in to help. As a result of our service, older people feel more confident in their ability to live independently in their own homes. We also offer fire safety advice and how to prevent a fall at home. Volunteers receive full support from project staff as well as travel expenses, free uniform and health & safety equipment. Volunteers find that not only are they helping others, they’re also strengthening their own communities and networks. The hours available are completely flexible and we will work around the volunteer and what spare time they have. If you are interested in volunteering, or you know someone who could do with some help around the house, then please contact contact us.

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme (RSVP) in Stirling, Falkirk and Clackmannanshire works with NHS Forth Valley to develop volunteering in local hospitals. We are looking for older volunteers or those in/approaching retirement to carry out support roles in Stirling Community Hospital, Falkirk Community Hospital, Forth Valley Royal Hospital or Clackmannanshire Healthcare Centre - with the aim of making a visit to the hospital a better experience for patients and visitors. Volunteers provide support to patients and visitors in many different departments. There are w wide range of volunteer roles available and we will help to find one which suits you! Volunteers contribute to the well-being of patients and visitors by being a listening ear, and a helpful and friendly face welcoming people to the hospital. Our volunteers feel valued, make new friends and keep active in retirement.