NHS Highland - Caithness

Current opportunities

By providing company and companionship, volunteers will be enhancing the patient experience and helping reduce any feelings of isolation and loneliness. Activities include: • Chatting and listening to patients. • Reading to patients. • Playing board games. • Reminiscence activities using discussion, books and other resources.

Ward volunteers can choose to help with serving teas and coffees or to help during mealtimes. Having extra support during these busy ward routines is invaluable and extremely helpful to all on the ward. Tea Trolley • Moving the trolley from room to room. • Providing patients with a drink of their choice. • Chatting to patients and taking an interest in them. • Passing on any useful information to medical staff. Mealtimes • Prepare the patient area for mealtimes. • Help distribute meal trays to patients and return trays when meals are complete. • Cutting up food for vulnerable patients and assisting with patient feeding. • Provide general assistance as requested by staff.