Current opportunities

Identify and approach (with agreement from your Superintendent) new outlets which can provide a home to an Albert. Keep a record of where Alberts are held in a specific town or area. Visit outlets on a regular basis (to be agreed with your Superintendent) to check Alberts are still in position, thank the owners/managers for their support, empty the contents into a suitable receptacle* and reseal the box ensuring it is maintained in a respectable and hygienic condition. Advise your Superintendent if during your visits you identify any Alberts that are no longer in suitable outlets. Secure the contents in a vehicle and deliver them to the Superintendent in preparation for counting, or if agreed count and bank the funds.

Every event is different, but they all need to be well planned and organisation is key. The following are examples of the activities that are included in the role: • Liaise with local Superintendent regarding stand set up and equipment • Identify local fayres and events in the area • Liaise with event organisers to obtain space at event • Organise and support Events Helpers • Put up stand / stall • Organise collection and other initiatives on the stand. (asking for donations* for badges etc.) • Ensure (in conjunction with local Superintendent that all legal requirements are met (Health and Safety etc) • much, much more, depending on the needs of the event