The Turing Trust (Midlothian)

To further education through reusing IT equipment in sub-Saharan African countries.

Current opportunities

Warehouse management includes responsibility for packing and logging PCs, laptops, monitors, keyboards, mice, cables, and other equipment required for Africa, UK schools, and eBay Sales Ensuring donations are sorted and assets labelled in a timely manner Organising warehouse e.g. pulling pallets for shipments for Malawi etc. / maximising day-to-day space availability Maintaining flow of IT equipment through the process from donation to shipping Use of pallet app to ensure all items are correctly boxed for shipping Completion of training and usage of pallet truck Completing stocktake checks Apply

Refurbishing IT equipment. This involves testing computers as well as other items for functionality and repairing them.This also includes wiping and imaging PCs including using the appropriate software and producing Data Destruction Certificates. It also involves quality control procedures, testing completed machines for adherence to standards and reporting back any issues identified. Taking in deliveries of IT equipment, sorting them, asset labelling as appropriate and logging in Salesforce. Assisting with packing of assets for shipment when required Apply