Zya Community

ZYA is a Scotland-based community interest media company supporting women and marginalised communities. Interested in lived experiences, the arts, and social justice we believe in equity, compassion in understanding and integrity in our approach.

We showcase media content relating to our areas of interest resonating with the communities we support. Community-led we co-create arts-based projects with people and organisations focused on centring marginalised experiences, inspiring action and informing sustainable progression.

Current opportunity

Are you passionate about digital communications and creating outreach content for an online community? If so, we are looking for someone to join our team and work alongside us to develop digital communications strategies and content to empower our community and promote our existing and future projects. We are an arts-based media project supporting women and people from marginal communities to showcase their work and connect with arts focused opportunities across Scotland. Our placement opportunity will provide you with an opportunity to develop digital content to support connecting with our existing community and create growth opportunities to reach out to new members. The role includes: • Creating digital communication strategies to connect with people inclusive and supportive of their community and individual needs. • Creation of community focused digital content for social media platforms. • Supporting the development and implementation of community connection and growth strategy. • Analysis of engagement data and supporting the creation of solutions to increase community connections. • Working alongside the Zya Community team to support sharing of existing projects via digital communication. The commitment is negotiable depending on availability however there is a minimum of 4 hours a week required. We can support with connecting the role with academic outcomes and have flexibility around role duties. If you are interested email Zya Community Director Nikki Kilburn with a short paragraph explaining why this role is of interest to you, what you hope to gain from it and a brief description of any prior or relevant experience. Email: Nikki.kilburn@zya.community If you have any questions or require further information email Nikki and she will get back to you. We look forward to hearing from you. The ZYA Community Team.