Beveridge Park Bowling Club

Charity registered in Scotland SC048513

Providing facilities for participation in lawn bowls

Current opportunity

Beveridge Park is a small, friendly bowling club, open to all. The current Treasurer has enjoyed their position and has gained a great deal of satisfaction in ensuring all records have been accurately maintained, submitting reports for the committee etc. Guidelines are available for more details on tasks but will include banking monies taken in (agreement to be reached on the best way of doing this for new treasurer), preparing cheques for other committee members to sign, paying invoices etc, and should take about 2 hours per week.. The Treasurer was very involved with the recent refurbishment of the clubhouse, now complete, and applying for funding to allow the club to keep moving forward will be ongoing (assistance available). The club will celebrate its centenary in 9 years’ time and they hope that the club will still be thriving and be an asset to the local community. The club is open to the role being filled by someone who might wish to use the experience to help them find work.