Gallatown Gala & Community Group

Gallatown Gala & Community Group organise annual events such as a gala, Christmas party and Halloween, etc. The Group provides a safe and secure environment for local families and individuals to enjoy lunch twice a week with a drop-in service on a Tuesday which includes local services such as credit union and housing.

Current opportunity

Gallatown Gala & Community Group are proud of what they already achieve in the local community - an annual gala day as well as Christmas, Halloween and other events for people in the Gallatown area. Using the outdoor space at the Gallatown Garden and soon to be based at the newly built Gallatown Hub off Oswald Road, Kirkcaldy this is an exciting time for the Group and local people. Working alongside Kirkcaldy YMCA and in partnership with other local groups and organisations they offer activities such as a growing space/wild play area; youth groups; creative groups and mental health wellbeing groups as well as a community cafe which is planned to run everyday in the new Hub. All of which the Committee need YOUR help to achieve. The Group are seeking a Secretary to join the Management Committee and general volunteers who may be interested in supporting any of the activities mentioned. If you would like an informal chat with another member, you would be very welcome.