Police Scotland Youth Volunteers

The Police Scotland Youth Volunteers (PSYV) are groups of up to 24 young people based across Scotland. Supported by adult volunteers and led by a police constable the PSYV volunteer at community and national events across Scotland.

The PSYV programme aims to strengthen the relationship with the police and young people, breaking down barriers and promoting positive role models.

PSYV promotes a practical way for young people to understand policing by supporting the Police in their local area through volunteering. As part of this, young people are given a chance for their voice to be heard and encouraged to promote good citizenship.

The programme is open to all young people aged 13 – 17, this allows those people to get an insight into policing in Scotland and inspire individuals to participate positively within their communities.

Current opportunity

Police Scotland Youth Volunteers provides an opportunity for Youth Volunteers to gain an insight into Police Scotland and to play an active role in their community. It aims to strengthen the relationship with the police and young people, to break down barriers and promote positive role models. Youth Volunteers have previously assisted at various events throughout Orkney, organised an Emergency Services Fun Day and attended several exciting events off Island. PSYV boosts confidence, is great for team building, gaining new experiences and learning new skills. It also offers opportunities to gain awards and certificates. Youth Volunteers will initially follow the national PSYV 12- week training programme where they learn Drill, Rank and Structure within Police Scotland, the Phonetic alphabet, how to use the radios, visit the Police Station, have inputs from Police Officers and much more. On completion of the 12 weeks training programme, uniforms are issued in time for the Passing Out Parade. After the Passing out Parade, Youth Volunteers are ready to start volunteering in the community. Uniform will be provided in time for the Passing Out Parade (after the 12-week training programme has been completed). Volunteering hours can be used as part of the DofE Volunteering section and Saltire Awards. Food and drink will always be provided when out Volunteering in the community.