CAPS Independent Advocacy

CAPS is an independent advocacy organisation for people who use or have used mental health services. We are completely independent from the people who fund us and those who provide other services to the people we work with. We provide individual and collective advocacy in East Lothian and Midlothian. We also host several experience-led projects across Lothian.

Current opportunities

The role involves using personal experiences of living with a mental health issue as part of CAPS collective advocacy group; to campaign for change, raise awareness and promote understanding of the challenges and stigma faced as a member of an ethnic minority group when accessing mental health services. The group will create educational resources, deliver training workshops, attend conferences & other activities involved with raising awareness.

CAPS are looking for people who identify as LGBTQI+, willing to use personal experiences of mental health issues, to work as part of a Collective Advocacy Project. This project aims to raise awareness, challenge stigma and promote changes in attitudes and mental health services in Edinburgh. We will do this by creating educational resources, delivering training workshops, attending conferences & other being involved with other activities to raise awareness and educate.