Gig Buddies - Thera (Scotland)

Gig Buddies is a project that supports people with a learning disability to get out to more gigs and live events by pairing them with a volunteer who shares the same interests as them. Our ‘Gig Buddies’ then go to what events they want, when they want, and enjoy their shared passion together. In addition to this, we also host regular social events where members can meet for a drink and chat while enjoying great live entertainment. Gig Buddies is an exciting, fast growing project with an ultimate goal to help bring an end to social isolation.

Current opportunity

Being a Gig Buddy with Thera means that you will be paired one on one with a person who has a learning disability (They will be known as your buddy). You will be paired with this person based on any interests you share. Being a Gig Buddy involves regularly attending events with your buddy and meeting up with them as often as your ‘gig’ requires. You will also help them choose the events you go to, and help with practical/transport arrangements. Being a Gig Buddy also means empowering your buddy to expand their social networks. For this reason we ask that you attend at least 3 of our social events every year, these can be anything from an Open Mic night, to a world class comedian at the Edinburgh Fringe. As part of Gig Buddies you will become part of a growing community of ‘sound people’ here in the Lothians who are encouraging people with a learning disability to live the social life they choose.