Digin is a community owned greengrocers shop operated by Bruntsfield Community Greengrocers (BCG), a community benefit cooperative. BCG was established in August 2013 and launched a share issues later that year to raise funds to open the shop. £30,000 was raised through the sale of £25 shares to members of the community which enabled us to secure a lease on shop premises in the Bruntsfield high street, refit the shop, purchase initial stock and hire a shop manager. The shop, Digin, opened on 1 May 2014. We now have some 300 members of the coop.

The shop is open six days per week selling fresh fruit and vegetables, local eggs, organic milk and other dairy products, local artisan bread as well as a range of dry and speciality products and wholefoods. We source local and organic fruit and vegetables when possible with regular suppliers including East Coast Organics (Eat Lothian), Pittormie Farm (Fife) Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes (Northumberland) and Organic North. During the summer months we are also able to buy from the Cyrenians Farm and Gorgie City Farm. Our non-organic fresh produce comes from a local wholesaler and most dry goods from Green City Wholefoods. We welcome appropriate additions to our range from small local suppliers.

Current opportunity

We need volunteers to work alongside our Shop Manager and Shop Supervisor. Volunteers need to be friendly and reliable team players, with an interest in healthy eating. Dig-In is a friendly place to work and we are lucky to have very engaged and supportive customers. You will work as part of a team of all ages and backgrounds! You will learn more about Dig-In through our induction sessions. You can choose a regular weekly slot or work on an ad-hoc basis.