Re-engage (Aberdeen and North of Scotland)

Charity registered in Scotland SC039377

Re-engage exist to bring older people together into social groups at a time in their lives when their social circles are diminishing.

Last year, nearly 7,000 older guests were part of over 900 groups across the UK, supported by 12,000 volunteers.

Current opportunities

Re-engage is a national charity which supports a network of volunteers to run monthly tea parties across the country for isolated people over the age of 75. Once a month on a Sunday afternoon volunteer drivers use their own cars to collect one or two local older people and accompany them to a local volunteer host's home for afternoon tea, friendship and fun. Our guests are generally over the age of 75, living alone in their own homes and socially isolated. We have a fantastic team of volunteers in Aberdeen and have exciting opportunities for new people to join us in helping as volunteers: -Tea Party Hosts: Do you have a few hours to spare once or twice a year? Would you like to host a tea party for a small group of isolated older people and their drivers in your own home? Many older people feel isolated, so our monthly tea parties make a big difference to their lives. Our hosts provide a warm, friendly atmosphere and an afternoon tea with sandwiches and cakes for our guests and volunteer drivers. -Volunteer Drivers: We need drivers to take an isolated older person, using their own cars to collect guests and take them to a volunteer host's home. Once there, you will take part in the tea party for a couple of hours with the other drivers and guests before returning your guest home again. It's the same small group of drivers and guests who meet in a different host's home each month establishing a real link of companionship and fun! Come and join us in making a big difference to the lives of isolated older people in your local community. For more details please contact Lorna Dunbar at email or tel.: 01738 730249.

The group call companion co-ordinators are the main point of contact for a group of our call companion volunteers and the older people they speak to on a regular basis. Our coordinators are a critical part of the Re-engage team, ensuring that their group of call companions have the support and necessary information to make regular calls to older people. The co-ordinator works alongside Re-engage staff to match the older people (older call companions) and volunteer call companions in their group and ensures that volunteers understand their roles and responsibilities. As a co-ordinator you will spend a few hours each month talking with your call companions and relaying update information to the charity updating Re-engage. You'll receive training, support, and regular communications from the charity and share information with your team of callers. Being a co-ordinator for Re-engage is a fulfilling and enjoyable role. Just a few hours a month from you can make all the difference of the lives of lonely older people.