Moray Wellbeing Hub

Harnessing the power of life experiences to create change in Moray

We deliver peer support (formal and informally), training, consultancy, support local groups, one-to-one work, signposting, partnership working, collective advocacy in mental health and wellbeing, outreach to diverse communities.

Current opportunities

This role is open to anyone under 25 in Moray. This group of Champions receive additional support to connect through our specific young person Community Liaison worker. Activity includes influencing local education and health practice such as in schools, college and CAMHS, contributing to Moray Wellbeing Hub developments with new project and campaign ideas and fundraising planning.

The Moray Wellbeing Hub is looking to add to its Experteer group as part of leading its innovative work. Experteers support our core of directors to develop our organisation, increase our financial stability, grow and develop our human resources, give strong leadership on our values, moving on to identifying new areas of development. This team aims to be greater than the sum of its parts, representing a diverse range of life experiences, interests and core skills. Recruitment will be from the existing Moray Wellbeing Hub Champions and advertised widely to encourage new Champions to join and consider the role. It is also an excellent space for interested individuals to explore the potential of becoming a director before taking on legal and other responsibilities. Currently, a particular priority is the recruitment of volunteer Experteers who possess a skill set and experience in finance, audit, accountancy and/or risk management.

Community Connectors… Spare a couple of hours a month to support fellow peers of life challenges in their local area. Expenses, supervision and training are provided. Are interested in self-management and increasing their own wellbeing as well as supporting others. Instilling a sense of meaning and purpose to progress in life. Are all Champions of Moray Wellbeing Hub who share peer-values such as mutuality, intentionality and authenticity- they take personal responsibility to opt out of the project at any time as appropriate. Are PVG checked (Protection of Vulnerable Groups), covered under insurance and are provided with orientation training and regular support by a local supervisor. Are trained by Moray Wellbeing Hub to have effective peer-support skills. May even become friends or companions in the long term who support each other in their community to get the most from life, but respect boundaries and are willing to negotiate, commit to and reflect on these. Community Connectors focus on a mutual trade of human resource - one human supports another to engage and connect in their local community. In return they are also helped to connect.