Four Pillars

Charity registered in Scotland SC046667

Four Pillars’ mission is the supply and provision of barrier contraception, peer education and information to support and grow the LGBT+ community in manners of Mental, Emotional, Physical and Sexual Health thereby promoting informed choices and reducing the prevalence of HIV and other STIs.

Current opportunities

The Board of Trustees of Four Pillars are looking to recruit new trustees to ensure the Charity can continue to grow and support the LGBT+ community in Grampian. Four pillars currently run a community hub, support and social groups, 1 to 1 support, provide volunteering opportunities and facilitate Grampian Pride. There are lots of ideas in the pipeline for the future. In order to achieve these we are particularly looking for people with previous experience of serving on a charity board and/or with skills and knowledge in one or more of the following: -An understanding of the needs of the LGBT+ community in Grampian -PR social media -Legal knowledge -Fundraising/ event planning We would also like to hear from people currently underrepresented on our board: -People with a disability -People from an ethnic minority For more information or to apply please go to our website

Four Pillars is a Grampian only based LGBT+ Charity that looks after the community in relation to their mental, emotional, physical and sexual health. As a volunteer you will be at the heart of this unique service that looks to work with individuals on reducing risky sexual behaviour and STI/HIV transmissions whilst protecting the whole person. There are many different roles within Four Pillars and what kind of role you play is entirely up to you and your skills. For more information please contact Deejay Bullock at E Mail: or tel.: 01224 211963.