Pushing up the Daisies

Charity registered in Scotland SC046808

Scotland wide network to support care at home before and after death & thoughtful, affordable funerals. We work for all bereaved people in Scotland to know their practical options and legal rights immediately after someone dies and to be able to spend plenty of time with them in the place of their choice if that is their wish.

Current opportunity

Pushing up the Daisies is a pioneering charity in Scotland, providing information and support to the newly bereaved during the period between a death and a funeral, the advancement of education in care of bodies at home after death and the advancement of health related to grief. We are especially here to support anyone who instinctively wants to keep the body of their loved one at home (or bring them back home) after their death. In November 2021 we started to take steps towards setting up a service to empower and practically assist people who want to keep someone close in the days after their last breath and be involved in the arrangements. This is aimed to be instead of or alongside funeral directors. We want to develop this aspect of the charity as a service and also as a source of income. We are now in a position to expand the Board of Trustees to strengthen and expand the charity and particularly to develop the service aspect of the charity in a business-like way. The current charity trustees are passionate about the work of the charity. We want to balance this with supportive business expertise. We are also looking to balance people with the inspiration and time to be hands-on in our development and people experienced to take an overview in the development and governance. If you are interested, please contact kate@pushingupthedaisies.org.uk to arrange a meeting in-person/online to discuss and answer any questions you have.