Vintage Vibes

To tackle isolation and loneliness using friendly volunteers to offer long-term friendships and the chance to be more socially connected.

Current opportunities

Vintage Vibes is charity project helping over 60s in Edinburgh overcome loneliness and social isolation. We pair up our Friendship Volunteers and VIPs with shared interests to create genuine friendships. As a volunteer, you will visit your VIP once a week for an hour or so, and enjoy activities such as walks, coffee shops, or a home visit. This is a companionship role, not a carer’s role. You will not be expected to do any personal care, household chores, or financial transactions for your VIP.

We are looking for a fabulous volunteer to join our Vocal Vibes singing group as the piano accompaniment. The focus of the group is to bring isolated older people (our VIPs) together to build up confidence and create connections through the shared love of singing! There are around 18 VIPs who attend and we sing songs from across the decades! As a volunteer you will accompany our song leader in the sessions and performances and collaborate with them and group members to select the songs.
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