Fife Centre for Equalities

Fife Centre for Equalities (FCE) was established in April 2014, as a joint initiative between Fife Council, Fife Voluntary Action and NHS Fife, to work with partners to develop more inclusive and responsive services for people in Fife, and to build a positive picture of Fifes modern and diverse population. FCE became an independent body on 1 July 2016.

FCE wants to build a collective voice to champion equality, diversity, inclusion and social justice. The centre provides practical guidance and support to everyone working to tackle inequality; here in Fife, and beyond. We want to:

  • Make equality a normal part of everyday life in Fife
  • Promote the rights of individuals, because everyones story is unique
  • Help communities make their voices heard, and have their say in the planning and delivery of local
  • Develop relationships with partners and stakeholders from public, private and third sectors to advance equality, diversity, social justice and community cohesion.

Current opportunities

The role of an Equality Networker is to connect people, by working closely with FCE's Equality Collective for their annual events, also engaging with hard-to-reach groups, individuals and members of the public who are interested in equality, diversity and inclusion. Specific Abilities Skills, experience, knowledge for this opportunity -Experience in public speaking -Knowledge of event planning -Confidence to work with groups -Ability to use social media

The volunteer will help delivering 1-1 support for minority ethnic older clients who are registered with our Minority Ethic 60+ Project and living in Fife. They will also have the opportunity to organise outings and may be asked to provide occasional language support. You will have experience of working with diverse communities and have a commitment and understanding of equality and diversity. Specific Abilities Skills, experience, knowledge for this opportunity -Ability to speak another/other languages specific languages, of interest Cantonese, Urdu/Punjabi, Polish/Romanian, or other minority ethnic languages -Good listening skills -Ability to work as part of a team -Experience of record keeping

Different Paths (Media): The role of a Different Paths volunteer is to help FCE prepare an online platform on their website to share short videos, audio and quotes from the study. They are looking for volunteers with skills in editing media (videos, audio, text); preparing webpages and helping with promoting the study on social media. More information here. Specific Abilities Skills, experience, knowledge for this opportunity -Video/audio editing -Confidence in promoting via social media -Website development

The role of the Equality Factfinders is to help them learn more about the barriers to equality that people are facing within their communities through consulting and engaging with a wide range of individuals, organisations and groups. Specific Abilities Skills, experience, knowledge for this opportunity -The ability and confidence to approach a wide range of individuals -Computer confident -Desktop research