Fledgling Arts Collective Central

We provide an exciting ground-breaking arts collective and we encourage people to express themselves through art. We believe the arts are a great elixir and creativity is our currency. Our ethos is based on 'pay it forward' exchanging the arts for positive and encouraging feedback from our team of art-crazy volunteers and encouraging our members also to create a ripple effect.

Current opportunities

About the opportunity As an Online Community Manager of Fledgling Arts Collective Central you will be working at the helm of a small, close-knit organisation. This position is as an acting Fledgling Online Community Manager. Fledgling encourages the members of our community to use creativity to improve mental health. The role of Online Community Manager Manager is manifold - you will be in charge of mentoring new volunteers, as well as familiarising new Volunteers with our guidelines and ethos. You will be responsible, as a guardian, for the smooth running of the day to day activity of Fledgling - helping to manage our Facebook Wings/Groups. You will deal efficiently and kindly with any difficult situations that may arise. You will also be responsible for leaving positive and encouraging feedback on the artwork, photography, poetry, music, and film of our members - this is the really fun part! As Online Community Manager, you will need to lead as an exemplar, setting an example to the rest of the team, and working hard to maintain our welcoming, inclusive, and caring environment. Duties: Be very comfortable using social media. Motivating and managing a team of volunteers. Ensuring that volunteers are keeping to their rota days, and following up with them if not. Mentoring new volunteers, and training them. Undertaking some basic administrative tasks when required - making rotas and forms, or drafting flyers. Leaving affirmative and sensitive feedback on creative posts made by our members. Managing any possible tensions that arise on posts, and dealing sensitively with triggering material. Adhering to and embodying the ethos of Fledgling at all times - diversity, difference, inclusivity, empathy, and kindness. About Fledgling Art Collective Central We are non-profit-making-volunteer run Arts Collective providing a platform both online and offline for those who struggle with mental health, addiction,gender dysphoria,sexuality,feel like they don't quite 'fit',or feel estranged to this world ,We encourage you to express yourselves through art as catharsis.Combining Art & Catharsis , we believe in being CathARTic.We believe the arts are a great elixir.All those who empathise and feel akin with our beliefs are Welcome also. What are we looking for? Requirements: - An understanding that, although this is a voluntary role, you are undertaking a long-term commitment as an Online Community Manager of Fledgling Arts Collective Central - please do not apply for this role if you expect to leave within the next 12 months. This position would suit someone interested in making a passionate and long-term , rewarding commitment. A warm, kind, and empathetic approach, and a big heart. Enthusiasm and the ability to self-motivate ,be professional ,reliable and dedicated. A compassionate understanding of mental health struggles - Fledgling is an organisation for those struggling with their mental health, run by those who can empathise with their struggles. The ability to commit to 3 days per week, hopping on and off as much as you can, to fit around your schedule. This is a position that requires someone who can be reliable, dedicated , consistent, provide stability ,use initiative and invest passion into their work. We look forward to hearing from you!

Online Recruitment Quiz Mentor Fledgling are looking for an Online Recruitment Quiz Mentor to take new Volunteers through our induction quiz reliably and efficiently. The quiz is in 3 parts and is a PowerPoint quiz, it's very user friendly. Your job would be to ask questions based on the induction quiz and explain what the position with us entails. You would need to be friendly and welcoming. It takes around 30-35 mins to complete the induction quiz process. We usually have 2-3 new volunteers a week. So you would probably need to have about 2 hours in total availability for the position. You would also need to be available on WhatsApp in order to arrange the inductions which take place on Facebook messenger. Fledgling is an online community that encourages using creativity to help mental wellbeing. Our potential volunteers join us to give positive and encouraging feedback. If you are reliable and can commit to what is needed to be an Online Recruitment Quiz Mentor, please message me at jewels-founder-fledgling@outlook.com Jewels Johnson: Founder: Fledgling Arts Collective Central