Revive Youth Project (The)

The Revive Project is all about young people. We work with young people in various different modern delivery methods through youth groups, 1-2-1 sessions; detached work and more. Through all this we aim to provide a space for a young people to be encouraged, inspired and empowered to reach their potential.

Current opportunity

A Revive Youth Leader is there to support the project in all its aspects. Main roles will be to support the running of the weekly youth groups as well as to support, encourage, inspire and empower young people. There are so many different opportunities provided by the Revive Project for leaders, be this through training, trips and most rewarding of all, the opportunity to really change a young person’s life for the better through the continued support you could provide even as small as it may be. Being a Revive Leader is an important role to take as we work very closely with young people and get to know them very well. Whether you’re the creative one, or the reflective one or even the loud outgoing one, you can help a young people in need.