HcL Handicabs (Midlothian)

Charity registered in Scotland SC013906

Charity providing transport for disabled and elderly.

Current opportunities

Passengers register with us to use our services either by telephone, online or with a registration form. Our despatchers take passengers details and other information for bookings, arrange journeys, deal with enquiries and provide information when requested using various office equipment including IT, telephone and photocopier.

To drive HcL vehicles as agreed with opportunities available across our different services including our Dial- A -Bus, Dial- A -Ride and our group transport. We provide supported door-through-door transport for people with mobility challenges – either from age, disability, health issues or additional support needs. Our drivers not only collect passengers from their front door but help passengers from inside their home and onto the bus. This can include helping them put their coat on, turning the key to lock their home and assisting them from their home to the vehicle and safely into a seat and fastening their seatbelt.