Lingo Flamingo

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that speaking multiple languages can delay the onset of Dementia by up to 5 years. More generally, learning a foreign language benefits the brain in other ways, by increasing reading comprehension, logic and mathematical skills, and memory and decision making skills.

For these reasons we provide tailored outreach language sessions in a selection of languages to assist in keeping brains active and promote the many positive effects of language learning.

Current opportunity

CALLING ALL GAELIC SPEAKERS, TUTORS AND ENTHUSIASTS! Lingo Flamingo are a vibrant social enterprise based in the Southside of Glasgow with a mission to share the joys of language learning far and wide. We offer engaging, light-hearted and interactive language classes to older adults in various locations across Scotland. All of what we do is inspired by research which shows that learning a language at any age can help slow cognitive decline. We believe wholeheartedly that it is never too late to learn! For our latest project, we are partnering with Glasgow City Council to teach Scottish Gaelic in day centres and care homes in Scotland. We are looking for individuals with Gaelic language skills to help with the various stages of this exciting new project! We are initially looking for individuals with interest in translation and/or tutoring to translate our pre-existing workbooks into Gaelic. This work would be done remotely, and would require applicants to have access to emails. A personal computer is desirable but not essential, as we would be able to provide a computer on loan. The translating role has a time commitment of around 1 hour a week over a 2 month period. Experience of translation work is not essential, and volunteers will be supported throughout by Lingo Flamingo's Learning Manager. As part of the second stage of the project, we are looking for people to teach small groups of adults using the newly designed workbooks. Teaching experience is helpful, but not essential, as we will provide comprehensive online teacher training. The tutoring time will require a time commitment of 1-2 hours per week, but with lots of flexibility according to your needs. Individuals are welcome to help with both roles outlined above, or whichever best suits their interests. We will provide training on our teaching methods and practices, as well as ongoing support and mentoring for both roles. If you have teaching experience, or experience translating and creating teaching resources, feel free to get in touch via or website, or directly on We're looking forward to hearing from you