Parrot Trust Scotland

Charity registered in Scotland SC041254

Parrot Trust Scotland is a registered charity that strives to improve the welfare and wellbeing of parrots through support, education, rehabilitation and protection. We rehome parrots for various reasons to help find their forever homes.

Current opportunity

We are looking for a secretary and administrative support volunteers to assist the Directors with the general running and administration of the charity. We need volunteers with good organisational, administrative and IT skills including Microsoft Office, use of different document types (including PDF), security and storage of digital files and familiarity with database management. You don’t need any knowledge of parrots for this role, but we can guarantee you’ll learn lots while you are involved. Volunteering with the Parrot Trust is a great way to expand your existing knowledge whilst being part of a proactive animal welfare charity. It is the charity’s ambition to have a secretarial team, with an assistant role to support the Secretary and share workload. Support and training will be given by the Charity Directors. Regular responsibilities • Meetings - Schedule monthly/bimonthly meetings - Compile agenda for each meeting (in consultation with Chairperson & directors) - Ensure all meeting invitations are issued to directors/volunteers/members as required - Circulate agenda and papers in advance of each meeting - Write up meeting note & actions (includes AGM) and send to directors for approval - File and save copies of previous (approved and signed) meeting notes • General charity administration. Can include: - Management of surrender, adoption, safehousing, temporary care agreements in digital and/or paper format (issue/return/storage) - Recording and storage of any physical paperwork submitted to the charity upon bird surrender (eg CITES or hatch certificates) - Recording and storage of disease testing results and vet reports - Upkeep of full bird list database - Upkeep of list of bird moves - Upkeep of charity microchipping records - Creation and upkeep of Jotforms - Upkeep of Companies House records (including record of appointed personnel) - Upkeep of membership records (joint responsibility with Treasurer who monitors payments) - Upkeep of volunteer records - Support directors to review and update Standard Operating Procedures (may be ad hoc but also annually prior to AGM) Annual responsibilities • Liaise with directors to confirm date of AGM (every 12-18 months). • Notify all members of AGM date, giving minimum 14 clear days’ notice • Submit confirmation statement to Companies House (each October) • Work with directors to complete the Revalidation of Articles of Association (prior to AGM) – Companies House form must be used to submit changes • Regular review of completed documentation (surrender/adoption/safehouse etc. forms) both digital and physical to ensure all present and correct • Work with directors to review and update Codes of Conduct • In event of material changes to the Codes of Conduct, issue updated documents to all directors, members and volunteers for signature. Signed copy to be returned to secretary and stored in digital files