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Shrub Co-op

The SHRUB Co-op aims to reduce waste by providing a platform for people to engage with sustainability. It is student-led, but anybody can get involved. We run a Swapshop, where people can swap their ‘waste’ things for items swapped in by others, a Freeshop (for members of the co-operative), a beginners Bicycle repair and maintenance workshop, upcycling and upskilling workshops, Social Justice Movie Nights, and host a food-sharing group who tackle food waste.

Current opportunities

In this role, volunteers are asked to aid the running of our friendly, open and fun community bike maintenance workshop. The aim of the workshop is to teach others about bike maintenance in a relaxed and supportive environment. Your role at the Wee Spoke Hub’s DIY sessions will be to assist our mechanic in the running of the workshops and help workshop participants feel empowered to fix their own bike.Various tasks involved.

The tasks involved include recruiting new Collections volunteers, keeping the volunteer rota up to date, accompanying new volunteers on their first food collection, facilitating a positive relationship with the business, and collecting food weight data from volunteers.

Food Sharing Edinburgh collects excess food from 26 local businesses and re-distributes it to the community. We need volunteers who can collect and re-distribute food from the same place at the same time every week. This is very important in order to maintain good relationships with our partner businesses. Depending on your business, you will be asked to deliver to a local charity or community group, or to re-distribute amongst friends, family, neighbours and colleagues.

Key tasks: Welcoming and informing customers at the Shrub, working on the till, helping in the stockroom, sorting donations, helping with merchandising and displays, chatting to customers about carbon and sustainable fashion. Also opportunities for volunteers with particular interests (e.g. graphic design, photography, organisation skills)