Ragdolls UK

Charity registered in Scotland SC043805

Our mission is to help as many girls with Turner’s Syndrome as possible by linking them to the support they need.

Being diagnosed with Turner’s Syndrome can be a terrifying experience. Our support groups aim to be a place of comfort and discussion away from the doctor’s waiting room where TS girls and their families can learn to come to terms with the condition, the health checks required and the social aspects of what lies ahead. Being available at the earliest possible stage is priority because we aim to support TS girls in living the best life possible.

Current opportunity

We are a charity who support children and young adults suffering from genetic disorders and we are currently in need of new fundraising managers. We are looking for committed individuals who can spare a few hours per week to aid the charity in organising fundraising events. We are currently based in Dundee, Scotland and so volunteers from that area would be preferable. However, we will welcome candidates from all over the country to work from home. This is an unpaid volunteer opportunity but full time vacancies will open up for successful participants.