Current opportunity

OPAL: East Dunbartonshire’s Information Line is a free information service for residents of East Dunbartonshire. OPAL helps people get the information/support they need and to access local services vital to both their mental/physical health and wellbeing. By assisting with the coordination of OPAL’s social media activities, you will be raising awareness of the service and helping us reach people who need help and support, but don’t know where to get it. Although our social media channels are well established, we feel we do not utilize these tools to their full capacity. We are keen to work with someone who is interested in this area and in return for your time, we will offer you the chance to showcase your skills and develop new approaches to promoting the organisation digitally. There will also be opportunities for training, networking, and other tasks related to OPAL but most importantly you will be working alongside skilled OPAL Advisers, helping you develop your skills and knowledge on a range of topics.