Angus Upcycling Project

Charity registered in Scotland SC048521

Angus Upcycling Project aims to provide education and develop skills of people in Angus whilst protecting the environment. The project will initially upcycle smaller items of furniture. Once in their premises they will open there arms to like-minded organisations and individuals young and older to participate in any manner of upcycling; clothes, artwork, ornaments and more.

Current opportunity

Angus Upcycling Project aims to improve the environment through upcycling and re use of small pieces of furniture and pre-loved clothing to provide an opportunity for members of the public to purchase these at low/affordable costs. Volunteers are needed to use their hands and creative skills in upcycling small pieces of furniture and assist with the process of dismantling/cleaning, mending and making new furniture ready for displaying, re-using and sale. This can include painting, repairs, decoupage, re-upholstering and more. This role will provide volunteers with opportunities to meet and work alongside other people, socialising and intergenerational work whilst using their creative skills for the benefit of the community. The user will be able to purchase a piece of furniture at low/affordable prices for their home whilst making positive steps to sustainability.