Health In Mind

Charity registered in Scotland SC004128

Health in Mind promotes positive mental health and wellbeing in Scotland.

Our team of professional support staff and committed volunteers work in partnership to deliver a unique and wide ranging mix of individual and group support services in Edinburgh, Midlothian / East Lothian and the Borders.

In particular it seeks :
To provide and enable the provision of Mental Health Services.
To provide information on and understanding of all aspects of mental health.
To influence mental health policies and campaign for mental health resources.
To achieve its aims and objectives through consultation with all interested parties.

Current opportunities

Community Lived Experience for Alcohol and drugs Recovery (CLEAR) provides peer support for people in Midlothian aged 18 and over with substance use problems who want to work towards positive mental wellbeing. Our volunteers are people with lived experience of substance use who are now in recovery. The service also offers: a weekly drop-in focusing on activities, socialising and informal discussions around addiction and mental wellbeing and a dedicated women’s peer support worker, who can offer support, information and guidance to women with substance use problems, criminal justice and/or mental health issues in Midlothian.

This role will begin as a distanced role (ie over the phone or internet) with the hope that we can return to face to face support. Therefore we are looking for people who live in the local area. Re:discover volunteers support people who have become isolated as a result of experiencing mental health difficulties to develop skills and opportunities which help enable them to develop friendships on their own. Each volunteer supports a re:discover client to recover a sense of who they are by encouraging them to step outside their illness and discover / rediscover activities and interests they enjoy. Volunteers work with clients as a whole person focusing on their talents, skills and assets rather than problems or needs. Volunteers encourage clients to set goals which they will work towards during their time with re:discover. They also act as a 'community bridge builder' supporting clients to step outside their comfort zones whilst providing support and encouragement. Volunteers work with clients for a minimum of 6 months which is the minimum commitment that we are looking for from volunteers. Volunteers and clients agree together when and where they will meet (not in their own homes) - usually once a week for a few hours. Activities are usually based on shared intersts and have included: meeting for coffee; cinema; theatre; art galleries museums; zumba, martial arts; gym; walks; garden centres; hillwalking; pilates . . . We cover volunteer out of pocket expenses.