National Autistic Society

Charity registered in Scotland SC039427

The National Autistic Society exists to champion the rights and interests of all people with autism and to ensure that they and their families receive quality services appropriate to their needs.

Current opportunity

Why we need you The charity has over 100 branches and groups, all run by volunteers, who provide local support to autistic people and their families. Every branch is different and so are the activities they provide – they may run parent support groups, adult social groups, children’s activities, conferences or focus on providing information or campaigning. However, no matter how big or small, all branches are hugely valued by the people in their local area. The branch treasurer role is vital to the running of the branch as they look after all the finances. Without these roles, we would not have as many branches as we do. What you will be doing Comply with all financial procedures Maintaining accurate records of money coming in (income) and money going out (expenditure) for the Branch. Maintaining accurate records for restricted funds (money that has to be used for a specific purpose). Managing and looking after the petty cash if it is required. This is a maximum of £50. Cash records of all money coming in and going out need to be maintained and the cash float needs to be secure. Providing prompt and accurate information on income and expenditure for NAS. A form (B1) with this information has to be sent to the Branch Finance and Admin Officer once a month with copies of supporting documentation. Countersigning cheques. Ensure all expenditure is properly authorised. This means checking who the money is being paid to, why it is being paid, and that the Branch Chair is aware of it Ensure the bank account does not go overdrawn. This means regularly checking the amount of money in the bank account and being aware if too much money is being spent and not enough is coming in. If the bank account is overdrawn, the Branch may have to pay a financial penalty. Attend branch committee meetings Skills, experience and qualities needed Good understanding of money, bank accounts, and how to manage finances. Able to manage time and deadlines to ensure financial records are regularly completed. Confident in using a computer. Can complete spreadsheets/basic financial records accurately and clearly. Confident in communicating with Branch Chair. No previous history of bankruptcy Satisfactory references When and where Flexibility on days and the amount of time committed to the role. The majority of branch treasurers give around an hour a week but it depends how active the branch is. Home based (plus travel to branch committee meetings) Support Designated support from the Branch Finance and Admin Officer. Guidance on various topics related to branch finance. Various training courses relevant to running a branch Expenses covered for attendance at any event organised by the branch support team What you could get out of it Improve support to autistic people and their families in your local area Access free training and learn new skills Meet new people We seek applications from anyone interested in the role, but particularly welcome applications from those on the autism spectrum. You will be asked to attend some branch meetings and also have knowledge of the local area so we ask that you live locally to be able to do this role. It is difficult to put specific times on different tasks. If you are Treasurer, you will need to spend at least an hour each week on Branch-related tasks. It is often likely that it will be more than this if you have different funds coming in, or a fundraising event taking place. You cannot be Treasurer if you are currently, or have ever been, bankrupt.