Ye Amphibious Ancient Bathing Association

Charity registered in Scotland SC040107

A) Promote and manage the teaching, knowledge and practice of one or more Aqua Sports, in accordance with paragraph C2.2 and C2.5 of the SASA Constitution. B) The main purpose of the club is to provide facilities, opportunities and encouragement for members.

Current opportunities

Main role is to steward on New Year Day either on road closure points or assisting swimmers out of the water. There is normally a crowd of six to seven thousand People watching the event and three hundred swimmers in the water. Road closure is to ensure that no vehicles come past the road closure points except ambulance or Fire Brigade , you will be give training prior to the day on aspects of health and safety. Assisting swimmers out of the cold water you will be positioned on land at the top of a wall ladder and your role is to oversee the swimmer safely to the top verbally engaging with them to ensure they are okay. There is a briefing on the 31st December at 1pm at the Clubhouse to ensure that everyone knows their specific role and again on the day of the event. You will be given a high viz vest and you will wear a lifejacket if your duties are at the top of the ladder.

The Minute Secretary is the person who looks after the recording of all committee meeting minutes, ensuring that the organisation is complying with its obligations and responsibilities to Scottish Swimming and affiliated bodies. • To record accurately the content of committee meetings • To ensure that all minutes are signed off and filed appropriately and circulated to the members • They are of a quality and standard which will be typed up and are easily understood reflecting the accuracy of the meeting.

An opportunity to work as part of a team and to develop your communicative skills. The Club Secretary is the hub of the club, acting as the club's communicator with it’s membership and external organisations. Duties include: * prepare and distribute the monthly committee meeting agenda & minutes * maintain the Club's Constitution & Bye-Laws, Policies & Procedures and any working agreements *co-ordinate all correspondence to the club and respond as appropriate on behalf of the club * attend the club monthly committee meetings, giving a report on any correspondence received /sent * act as the main admin interface between the club and external agencies with whom we work * routing incoming enquiries to the appropriate committee member(s) for action * in conjunction with the IT convener, maintain the clubs policies, handbook and procedures up to date * be a member of the clubs executive committee and participate in the efficient running of the club * gather information to prepare a final report for the Clubs Annual General Meeting