Findhorn Foundation

Charity registered in Scotland SC007233

The Findhorn Foundation is a spiritual community, ecovillage and international centre for holistic education.

The Trust is constituted for charitable purposes only and subject thereto the purposes and objects of the Trust are:-

3.1 The advancement of religion and religious studies and practices by education, embodiment and demonstration of the validity of the essential truths of all religious, spiritual and interfaith teaching and by such means to encourage and help those who sincerely seek, by increasing their knowledge and the development of their being to achieve a greater understanding of the purpose and spiritual nature of life;

3.2 The advancement of environmental protection or improvement by recognition of the presence of spirit within nature and the interdependence of all forms of life, to further the conservation, sustainability and preservation of the natural environment by such means as the Trustees shall in their discretion think fit, including education and demonstration of the harmonious and cooperative relationship between humanity and all other forms of life;

3.3 The advancement of holistic education and service for the benefit of all people, in the areas of spiritual and personal development, environmental awareness and community development, through demonstration and by informing, inspiring and enabling individuals and groups to experience and practise sustainable ways of living; and

3.4 Any other charitable purpose as the Trustees may in their absolute discretion determine.

Transforming human consciousness in everyday life,
to bring new possibilities to the world

Current opportunity

This is an opportunity to perform the volunteer role of Charity Secretary to the Board of Trustees of the Findhorn Foundation. This is an exciting time in the history of the Foundation, as the charity takes on the challenge of updating its legal structure and governance processes. You could play a pivotal and vital role in supporting and expediting these changes. It is estimated that this will take up the equivalent of 1 day per week. All out of pocket expenses will be covered. Remote volunteering would be considered, with the volunteer being able to travel to Findhorn once or twice a year. All expenses reimbursed.