Humanist Society Scotland

Charity registered in Scotland SC026570

Humanist Society Scotland seeks a future in which:

The worth, dignity and autonomy of every person is respected and individual freedom is balanced with social responsibility and a duty of care for future generations

Scottish civic institutions are democratic and human rights are developed, embedded and protected;

Ethical and moral problems are addressed with compassion, knowledge and reason;

No belief system (religious or not) should have, nor expect, privilege in the democratic process. In effect we seek a secular Scotland.

Current opportunities

To facilitate conversation in small groups of readers in our Book Group (which meets quarterly on a Thursday evening online) using Zoom breakout rooms. Our Book Group Facilitators provide an enjoyable and engaging experience for all participants. This book group is for members of the charity Humanist Society Scotland, so books will often be chosen with a humanist theme or angle. For example Andrew O'Hagan's book 'Mayflies' which complimented our campaign for Assisted Dying as part of our Last Rights campaign focused on giving people at the end of their life control, dignity and choice. We are looking for adults who support the vision and values of Humanist Society Scotland and have a love of books, and feel confident in their reading and group facilitation skills. You will need good communication and listening skills, and key to making a success of this role is the ability to make all participants feel welcome and included, and that their contributions are valued. Keeping conversations on topic, being ready with relevant prompts and questions, ensuring everyone who wants to, has the opportunity to speak, and summarising contributions made will all be essential in this role. You do not need to be a member of Humanist Society Scotland to apply, but we would expect you to join going forward.

Young Humanist Ambassadors play a vital role in representing the charity online and at local events and functions, speaking about our work and the importance of our campaigns. We expect most events to take place online, eg. via Zoom. You can help to further Humanist Society Scotland’s aims; grow our youth membership and engage young people in a meaningful way; enable young humanists to meet socially and discuss relevant issues; and help promote national campaigns and fundraising initiatives.