Humanist Society Scotland

Charity registered in Scotland SC026570

Humanist Society Scotland seeks a future in which:

The worth, dignity and autonomy of every person is respected and individual freedom is balanced with social responsibility and a duty of care for future generations

Scottish civic institutions are democratic and human rights are developed, embedded and protected;

Ethical and moral problems are addressed with compassion, knowledge and reason;

No belief system (religious or not) should have, nor expect, privilege in the democratic process. In effect we seek a secular Scotland.

Current opportunity

Young Humanist Ambassadors play a vital role in representing the charity online and at local events and functions, speaking about our work and the importance of our campaigns. We expect most events to take place online, eg. via Zoom. You can help to further Humanist Society Scotland’s aims; grow our youth membership and engage young people in a meaningful way; enable young humanists to meet socially and discuss relevant issues; and help promote national campaigns and fundraising initiatives.