Paths to Health (Western Isles)

'Paths to Health' is a new three year project to promote walking in local communities in the Western Isles and to encourage all residents of the Western Isles to enjoy more of the benefits that regular walking brings. It will start in September 2005.

Current opportunity

It is recommended that we each take 10,000 steps a day to achieve a healthy, fit and active lifestyle. A brisk walk of only 30 minutes will provide more than 2,500 of those essential steps, or one quarter of our daily target. In doing so you will feel fitter and better, you will have more energy, you will sleep better, your blood pressure and stress levels will be reduced, and you will have an enjoyable break. Would you like to enjoy more of these benefits and help others to enjoy them? You could become a volunteer walk leader. You could either help us with our planned Stornoway lunchtime walks, or set up a walk group of your own in your own area, with the full help and support of the local Paths to health Co-ordinator. There will be a training day for any volunteers who are interested.