Versus Arthritis (formerly Arthritis Care Scotland)

There are around 10 million people with arthritis in the UK. That’s 10 million individuals, plus their families, each affected in a unique way.

From high quality information and support to empower you to take control of your arthritis. Campaigning for change…Arthritis Care is here for you

Current opportunity

Scotland Versus Arthritis is looking for individuals willing to lead short health walks in your area, lead on other physical activities, or facilitate virtual support groups. Full training and on-going support for volunteers will be available. We are also looking for expressions of interest from anyone keen to become an instructor of Tai Chi or Qi Gong for arthritis. The current Covid restrictions have meant that for many the wait for treatment may be a year or more away. Painkilling prescriptions are seldom more than a temporary relief. Support and exercise can however offer a better way to self manage the daily on-going pain and fatigue. In readiness for the eventual lifting of lockdown we are asking, can you spare an hour or two each month to help? Please contact your local Development Officer, Dr. P. Neville, or phone 07501 501114 for details.