The Robert Burns Ellisland Trust

Charity registered in Scotland SC012474

Current opportunities

The Robert Burns Ellisland Trust (SCIO: 049973) is looking for a Treasurer to join its board of trustees. Whilst this is a voluntary position, it offers an exciting opportunity to help conserve and develop one of the most important sites in the life of Robert Burns. The Treasurer will strengthen the capacity of the current board, whose members include leading academics, artists and museum professionals in developing Ellisland, recently judged the most authentic Burns site in Scotland. Duties including working with the chair and business development manager on financial reporting, planning and policies using the xero system. If you have a passion for Robert Burns, Scottish culture and Dumfries and Galloway, you will particularly enjoy this role.

The Trust are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help with general gardening tasks around the museum site.

Visitor services volunteers will support the trust by welcoming visitors to the farm, dealing with general inquiries, selling souvenirs and serving tea/coffee.

The trust are looking to recruit a trustee to join the board. The trust would particularly welcome a new trustee with a legal background. The Robert Burns Ellisland Trust, a new trust formed in 2020 manages the house and farm as a museum and is supported by volunteers.