Moray Firth Credit Union

Current opportunity

Moray Firth Credit Union is getting ready to open its outreach service in Buckie and are looking for people who would like to be part of a team of volunteer tellers. They are also looking for a couple of people who may be to volunteer in Elgin, as the service is re-opening for one day per week, for a couple of hours. The Moray Firth Credit Union is looking for people who want to give something back to the community. (A credit union is like a community bank where we accept people's savings that then gets added to a pool of money from which members can apply for a low cost loan) The volunteer tellers are the face of the credit union, in that the teller the is responsible for the front desk, takes money, enters the transaction into the computer and gives the member a receipt for their transaction. The volunteer teller position is ideal for those who can handle money, who have a smattering of computer experience, who can exchange pleasantries and who can answer the telephone. There is enough in this volunteer position to not be boring and to not be too hard!