Our vision is an inclusive society in which we all have the opportunities to live valued and fulfilled lives. We work to make that vision a reality by our mission to support people excluded from family, home, work or community on their life journey.

Current opportunities

Volunteers are peer mentors to the community residents and both live within our city and farm communities, and manage the day-to-day domestic tasks and decisions within the building, which is their home. Volunteer tasks may include: Accompanying a resident to appointments, Helping a resident to cook a meal for the whole community, Acting as a sounding board for a problem or difficult situation, Offering mature and calm guidance.

Local pantries are designed to give dignified and affordable access to a selection of chilled and ambient foods and fresh fruit and vegetables. Your skills and experience will help: lead in the setting up of the Pantry. Taking delivery of products. Setting up products in a safe and appropriate manner. Ensuring that food is handled safely. Taking payment from members. Assisting members where necessary

Your support and encouragement could help someone to: Remain independent at home, socially connected and engaged. Reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. Increase self-confidence. Create links with the local community. Develop informal local support networks. Examples of activities include; Taking up a new hobby or interest. Joining a local club or group of interest, eg craft, singing, gardening. Visiting a library, church, local gallery or exhibition. Short walks.

This role is similar to that of peer mentor or befriender in that you will provide companionship to those living at Crighton Place. This could be as simple as being available to play a board game or cook a meal together. At other times you may accompany a resident to the cinema/shops/museum or to an event in the city.