EF High School Exchange Year

EF stands for "Education First". With 15 divisions that offer a range of educational programs from language training, educational travel, and academic degrees to cultural exchanges. With a mission to open the world through education, EF has helped people of all ages and nationalities become citizens of the world.

Current opportunity

EF- Education First has exciting opportunities to volunteer with us as an International Exchange Coordinator. This very worthwhile and interesting opportunity involves: Part 1: A Finder To find host families and school places for our students aged 16-17 years, who come to our country for a year beginning. Host families are generally found through word of mouth, leaflets in community places, editorials etc. Part 2: A Placer After finding a caring family who really want to host you will then need to speak to your Regional Manager. We have found that the best way to place a student is really to get to know your host family, their likes and dislikes, hobbies, smokers or not and their location. Part 3: A Supervisor Another major part of being a coordinator, and indeed a most interesting side to the role, is the supervision and support of the student, host family and the school. Part 4: A Trainer A major part of the role is to give full information to your host families, your students and your schools. Part 5: A World Ambassador If all the above simple stages are followed you will have an interesting and fulfilling experience. You will have lifelong friends from around the world and within your own country and community. A fantastic opportunity to help and to make a real difference. For further details please contact: Richard Lawless Tel No: 0207 341 8656 (ext. 656) E Mail: richard.lawless@ef.com