LINKnet Mentoring Ltd.

Charity registered in Scotland SC029440

LINKnet’s vision is to maximise representation of minority ethnic people including refugees and asylum seekers in further and higher education, employment and public and civic life of Scottish society through a structured mentoring programme in order to help the establishment of an equitable society.
LINKnet's mission is to provide a specialised, high quality and a professional mentoring service to minority ethnic individuals including refugees and asylum seekers in their pursuit of employment, education and good quality of life.
Through our structured mentoring programme and other intermediary activities
LINKnet aims to:
•Eliminate/reduce inequality and disadvantage

•Drive up public sector performance on equality and improve access to and benefit from public service by taking public services as formal partners to LINKnet’s mentoring programme.

•To foster integration and promote dialogue and understanding between communities.

•Develop the awareness and capacity of both majority and minority communities to engage with this agenda, to tackle racism and other disadvantages, promote equality by raising awareness of barriers to development, cultural diversity, community contributions to society and economy etc., through LINKnet’s mentor training, mentee induction, information provision and public events.

Current opportunity

At our organization, we believe that everyone deserves a sense of community and belonging. Unfortunately, many ethnic minority individuals in Scotland face challenges that hinder their ability to connect with others and feel a part of society. This is where our befriending service comes in. Our befriending program is specifically designed to provide support and companionship to ethnic minority individuals who may be experiencing isolation and struggling to integrate into Scottish society. Our trained volunteers are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of those they serve, offering language assistance, social interaction, and cultural exchange to help break down barriers and promote a sense of belonging. Befrienders and Befriendees are matched within their region, there may be the opportunity to have meeting on zoom. By participating in our befriending service, ethnic minority individuals can gain the necessary skills and confidence to communicate more effectively, integrate into local communities, and ultimately thrive in Scottish society. Our goal is to empower individuals to overcome isolation and achieve their full potential. Join us in our mission to promote inclusivity and create a welcoming community for all. Contact us today to learn more about our befriending service and how you can get involved.