Current opportunity

Would you like to Volunteer for Home-Start Deveron? Home-Start Deveron is part of a national network that offers friendly, informal support to families with at least one child under the age of five years. The daily stresses of bringing up a family can often become overwhelming and as a result parents find themselves unable to cope. Home-Start Deveron can help to alleviate some of the challenges that families face, through regular support from volunteers, who themselves have parenting experience. As a Volunteer what would I do? Volunteers visit families, in their own homes, for two to three hours per week. How you help is really down to the family itself, some might need someone to talk to, others might need more practical support with meal planning, cooking, reading to their children or finding out about local services. Volunteers can also help to run groups such as Stay and Play sessions and cookery classes for parents. Can my support and friendship really make a difference? The early years before children go off to school are vital and at Home-Start Deveron we believe parents have the key role in creating a secure childhood for their children. It's just that sometimes they need a bit of your help. This offer of regular, flexible support can go a long way to helping families to get back on their feet. Parents grow in confidence, strengthen bonds with their children and regain a sense of the value of themselves as parents.