Back Football and Recreation Club

Charity registered in Scotland SC032761

We manage the hall, the all weather pitch, golfing range and the football club for the benefit of local inhabitants promoting and encouraging social activity

Current opportunities

Brief all helpers, assistant coaches and players on the aims of the session and the purpose of each activity. Involve all helpers and make sure they are made aware of the value of their input Attend Club meetings to ensure that the committee are aware of all activities Ensure that you are well briefed about any special needs of the participants involved i.e. medical conditions/disabilities etc. Identify and recruit, in line with club procedures, additional volunteers to assist in the running of the club e.g. parents Abide by and promote sound ethics and club policy, child protection, fair play and equal opportunities to all members Develop your own skills by attending SFA coach education courses. Take responsibility by ensuring the equipment is correct and is kept in good working order Be aware of and follow the procedure of recording accidents Be aware of the club's Child Protection policy, Health and Safety policy and Emergency procedures and take responsibility for Health and Safety aspects during activities Ensure that there is an accessible well stocked first aid kit at eh venue and a telephone nearby

Write reports Attend matches or gather verbal report from coaches Take photo Upload to the website