Back Football and Recreation Club

Charity registered in Scotland SC032761

Based at the Community Centre in Coll, Back Football and Recreation Club run a senior football team, several youth teams and a development club for primary age children. We also manage the Community Centre, All Weather Pitch, Golf Driving Range and Football Pitch. The Community Centre is used by other clubs and groups and hosts various evening classes and events over the year.

Current opportunities

1. Brief all helpers, assistant coaches and players on the aims of the session and the purpose of each activity. Involve all helpers and make sure they are made aware of the value of their input. 2. Attend Club meetings to ensure that the committee are aware of all activities. 3. Ensure that you are well briefed about any special needs of the participants involved i.e. medical condition/disabilities etc 4. Identify and recruit, in line with club procedures, additional volunteers to assist in the running of the club activities e.g. parents. 5. Abide by and promote sound ethics and club policy, child protection, fair play and equal opportunities to all members. 6. Develop your own skills by attending SFA coach education courses. 7. Take responsibility for ensuring that the equipment is correct and is kept in good working order. 8. Be aware of and promote the clubs Code of Conduct for all personnel associated with the Club. 9. Be aware of and follow the procedures for recording accidents. 10. Be aware of the club’s Child Protection policy, Health and Safety policy and Emergency procedures and take responsibility for Health and Safety aspects during activities. 11. Ensure that there is an accessible, well stocked first aid kit at the venue and a telephone nearby.

Tasks involved: • For COVID-19 specifically: collecting names and phone numbers to aid with NHS Test and Protect at matches. • Keep a register of those attending training sessions, along with details of any particular needs they have and emergency contact numbers. • Ensure coaches are well briefed about any special needs of the participants involved (medical conditions/ disabilities etc) • Assist the coaches to prepare the pitch for matches or training sessions and to clear the pitch at the end of the session, ensuring that the playing area is safe to use. • Carry out health and safety checks and record findings on the checklist at start and end of the session, e.g. First aid box, supervision ratios, accident reporting, equipment condition. • Support the integration of new players according to their needs; • Engage with the families and encouraging them to feel part of the club, issue letters and forms. • Follow all policies and procedures including the Code of Conduct and support the players to understand the policies and procedures as they apply to them; Optional additional tasks: Where a club helper wishes to take on optional duties, training will be provided. • Help alongside volunteers at senior games during halftime to provide teas and coffees. • Encourage the participation of the players by taking part in all activities and showing players how to participate. • Under the direction of the coach, work with a small group of participants to help them achieve the aims of the training session, whether it be practising skills or playing a game. • Take on the role of the club’s 1st Aider.