East Dunbartonshire Leisure & Culture Trust

To advance the arts, heritage, culture and science.
To advance public participation of sport.
To provide recreational facilities and organise recreational activities with such facilities/activities being made available to members of the public at large with the object of improving conditions of life.
To advance education.
To advance health.
To advance citizenship and/or community development(which may include the promotion of civic responsibility, volunteering, the voluntary sector and/or the effectiveness or efficiency of charities)

Please look at the website provided to see the many services provided.

Current opportunity

Volunteer would be required to collect a bag of up to 10 books from Public Libraries, to deliver to housebound individuals or Care Facilities. There would be no minimum number of individuals e.g. one volunteer could be responsible for 1 library member. The process could be done on foot if feasible, but it is likely that this opportunity would be done by car.