British Red Cross (Fife Branch)

Charity registered in Scotland SC037738

Independent Living includes, Support at Home, Transport Support, Mobility Aids, (wheelchair lending) HASM (Hand,Arm& Shoulder massage) and Family Tracing. All services are delivered by trained volunteers.

Current opportunities

Loneliness and social isolation do not just affect older people. Our research found people from many walks of life can be affected. This includes new mums, those dealing with health and mobility issues, people dealing with bereavement, divorce or separation, those who have retired or seen their children leave home and teenagers feeling alone and can't talk to anyone. Anyone can be affected at any time. Through just a few hours support a week over a 3 month period, volunteers could make a big difference to someone experiencing loneliness or social isolation. Initially, volunteers will meet people in their own homes and then go out using public transport. You will help build their confidence and by listening to the person's concerns, you will form a plan to help them manage health issues, social isolation and so on. As part of the world's largest humanitarian organisation you'll have the chance to meet different people, develop your skills and enjoy the company of like-minded staff and volunteers.

It starts with Hello and it's often surprising who is affected by loneliness. Together we want to reach out reconnecting thousands of lonely people with their communities, tackling what is shortening lives and eroding wellbeing. Community Connectors support people affected by social isolation and loneliness to help them gain confidence and to reconnect to their community in partnership with existing and new partner organisations. This involves: being aware of and keeping up to date with local community services appropriate to service users with support from manager; supporting lonely and socially isolated service users to build confidence, self-esteem and to regain independence; carry out tasks independently and as an effective team member; listening to people's needs, aspirations and concerns, and co-creating a step plan to ensure the person meets their aims - this may involve providing advice on regular, healthy nutrition and hydration and managing hygiene; and supporting people to attend local community services suitable to their needs, helping them identify other activities in the area and going with them as necessary - this may involve travelling with service users or transporting them using your own vehicle where appropriate. “I’m showing compassion, empowering people, letting them know what help is out there, and helping them move forward.” Lisa, Independent Living Volunteer In 2020 the British Red Cross turns 150. It is thanks to all our supporters and volunteers that we have been able to provide health and social care support to people since 1870. Our volunteers provided health and social care support to people in the First and Second World war and continued providing these services in peace time and helped to create the NHS in 1948.