Citizens Advice Bureau - Barra

Charity registered in Scotland SC015018

Western Isle Citizen Advice Services is here to offer free impartial and confidential advice to the whole Western Isles though our 4 offices in Barra, Uist Harris and Lewis. We deliver support and guidance on a range of topics, giving people the information they need to deal with any situation and improve their lives.

Current opportunity

By choosing to volunteer with Western Isles Citizen Advice Service you'll be giving something truly valuable back to your community. As a charity, our volunteers are essential to allow us to deliver the important work we do. What's involved? There are a broad range of volunteering roles available within Western Isles CAS, so you can use your skills, knowledge and experience where it matters most from adviser roles to behind the scenes support we will let you choose were you think you'll make the greatest impact. What are the benefits? Volunteering is a fantastic way to stay active and involved in the local community. As a new member we will instantly make you feel at home. Let's not forget the feel good factor too! Giving people the information and advice they need to turn their lives around is very rewarding. As well as making a difference you can also learn valuable skills . 42% of our volunteers go on to further education or employment. As an adviser you will be part of the wider network and will have access to ongoing training and development. If you would like to volunteer with us or find out more we would love to hear from you!