Dumfries and Galloway Hard of Hearing Group

Charity registered in Scotland SC044692

The Hard of Hearing Group have trained volunteers who can provide help and support with the following:

  1. tubing, minor repairs, ear mould cleaning and battery replacement
  2. Advice on how to clean your hearing aids and how to get the most out of your hearing aids
  3. Information and signposting to other services and an introduction to other useful equipment. For further information contact direct. Also offer a care home service, including a free comprehensive service which will enable staff to be able to give further support to residents who are hard of hearing. Their training and support programme includes:
    •Care and maintenance of hearing aids training - cleaning, re-tubing and changing batteries and Deaf Awareness training.
    •Follow up support on a monthly basis by a volunteer for up to six months, reducing to bi-monthly when staff are competent.
    •Further training given to new staff when necessary.

Current opportunities

To represent the wider community of interest and enable the organisation to deliver it’s objectives for the organisation’s users, staff, volunteers and funders. Responsibilities include: reviewing the organisation's policies and financies. Ensuring the organisation is being managed properly and in the charity's best interests. Review the results achieved by the staff and volunteer team in relation to the organisation’s aims and objectives, annual and long-range goals and the performance of similar projects. Provide candid and constructive criticism, advice, comments and praise Be assured that the Board of Trustees is adequately and currently informed – through reports and other methods – of the condition of the organisation and its operations And much more

You will be the key contact for staff in your allocated drop in service, your main function is to ensure the people accessing our service get a warm greeting upon arrival and to organise occasional social events to say thanks to the other volunteers. You will also be sharing information with clients, signposting and referring to other agencies in your local area. Alongside this there is an opportunity to get your hands on and show our clients the type of equipment that is available to people with a hearing impairment. Once trained, volunteers will support service users by: • Meeting & greeting service users when they arrive at drop-in sessions. • Write down the names of each service user as they arrive to ensure each person is seen in order. • Offering and making tea or coffee.

An exciting opportunity to undertake a maintenance role within a dedicated team, with the Hard of Hearing Group, providing life changing support to people with hearing loss. You will be responsible for assessing the needs of our service users and carrying out any practical maintenance of their hearing aids. You will play a vital role in helping people manage their hearing loss by providing practical and emotional support. You will also be sharing information with clients, signposting and referring to other agencies in your local area. Once trained, where practical assistance can be provided: • Check and change batteries when appropriate • Re-tube and clean hearing aid where required • Replace the hearing aid hook where required • Clean through slim fit tubes where required