Council for At Risk Academics

CARA aims to assist academics who have been, or are, or are at risk of being, subject to discrimination, persecution, suffering or violence on account of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion, to relieve needs among them and their dependants and ensure that their specialist knowledge and abilities can continue to be used for the benefit of the public;

To advance education by supporting academics and their educational institutions in countries where their continuing work is at risk or compromised, to ensure that such academics and institutions can continue to fulfil their critical role as educators for the public benefit.

Current opportunity

We are seeking to establish at least one Student Ambassador in each British university who is able to represent CARA's activities by setting up a society and campaigning on our behalf. We would require the Student Ambassador to promote academic freedom through organising events to debate issues surrounding the topic, organising fundraising and awareness raising events to support CARA grantees and acting as a point of contact for our charity. The Student Ambassador would write an article or two on CARA in their student newspaper. These would also be published on CARA's website and publicised through our social media. The Student Ambassador would be provided with materials with which to set up a stall at a Freshers' Fair and to assemble a society committee which would be in contact with CARA committees at the other 95 CARA/Scholars at Risk UK University Network member universities.