Perth Subud Centre

Charity registered in Scotland SC039009

Perth Subud Centre is the venue of Subud North East England and Scotland and in first place provides a space to worship for the members in the region. Since it is such a wonderful building, we started the Centreprise and hire our various rooms for groups up to 50 people (before Covid) – at the moment for groups up to 10.
We aim to keep the Centre welcoming to any visitors and peaceful, neutral as well, so that each group feels home in the Perth Subud Centre. At the moment we make space available to a few community groups and local charities on a subsidised rate. We would like to extend this offer to more organisations.

Current opportunity

We would like to be able to have local charities with low budgets to use our beautiful calm space and yet they cannot afford our charges. We are a charity ourselves and need to maintain the building and so need a certain income per month. We would like to get grants to be able to reduce rates for local charities like PAS, Women’s Aid and so on. These grants are for the building. We also need grants at the moment to be able to afford our booking manager to stay, since through COVID the bookings went right down and we can hardly afford to keep her. Yet we need her to get things going. The volunteer interested can work their own hours, can work from home and zoom with us. We would love the person to find out which grants are available and suitable for our case and with help apply for those grants. The booking manger is there along the way and happy to do it together.