Golden Jubilee Hospital

A national resource for Scotland, the Golden Jubilee National Hospital is managed by the National Waiting Times Centre Board. The Golden Jubilee is home to regional and national heart and lung services, is a major centre for orthopaedics, and is the flagship hospital for reducing waiting times in key elective specialties.

Current opportunities

The role of the Pastoral Care Volunteer is to visit patients, relatives, members of staff and visitors as requested in-order to assist in provision of spiritual and / or religious care in a manner that respects the belief systems of the individual concerned. To maintain records of all encounters as directed in order to assist others in the continuing support of the individual, report any matters of concern about a patient’s wellbeing, etc directly to nursing staff and/or the Spiritual Care Lead as appropriate. The ability to identify and assess levels of spiritual need and respond appropriately, be willing to help meet or facilitate specific religious needs such as prayer and worship.

The role of the Meet & Greet Volunteer is to welcome patients, families and visitors and to provide help and direction to the appropriate department/person within the hospital. This will involve moving around the hospital and so the Volunteer requires being reasonably fit and able to walk/stand throughout your shift. The post holder will record the number of people they assist while they are on shift.

The role of the Welcome/Self Check-In Guide is to provide help, direction and reassurance and to offer a friendly and helpful welcome to patients, families and visitors. Be welcoming by chatting to patients and visitors and make them feel at ease. Actively observe patients/visitors to the unit identifying anyone who may appear in need of assistance. Provide knowledge and guidance on the use of self–service check-in kiosks, if requested by the patient. Signposting patients to waiting areas to be called for their appointment. Liaising with staff in the unit as necessary.

The primary role of the Outpatient Support Volunteer will be to support the work of the General Outpatient & Orthopaedic Outpatient Departments within the NHS Golden Jubilee. This will involve a commitment to provide an escort service to patients attending the Outpatient Departments by offering to escort patients to various departments within the hospital. The post holder will be required to escort patients on a frequent basis throughout their shift to various departments covering significant areas within the hospital mainly to and from the Outpatient Department on level 1 to the X-Ray Department or Discharge Lounge on the 2nd floor. The post holder will require to be friendly, reliable and of a clean and smart appearance. The post holder may be asked to escort a patient who is in a wheelchair or who has difficulty with mobility and therefore will require patience and understanding of the patient needs by escorting the patient at the patient’s pace. The post holder will be required to have good interpersonal skills as they will require interact/communicate with patients, nursing staff and practitioners. The post holder will be required to comply with the Hand Hygiene programme. The post holder will be required to report any matters of concern directly to the Co-ordinating nurse for the clinic or the Senior Charge Nurse for Outpatients as required. The post holder may be asked to take an assistance dog belonging to a patient or relative to a volunteer dog sitter located within the hospital for the duration of time that the person is attending outpatients.