Agape Wellbeing Centre (SL)

Charity registered in Scotland SC044968

To offer a hollistic approach to promote physical, emotional and practical wellbeing. To offer practical advice, support and training and liase with other support organisations to assist the individual to overcome any physical, emotional and spiritual barriers thus improving the quality of life for them and their families. To network and partner with other organisations in order to offer a wider variety of resources for individuals and their families.

Current opportunities

Agape Wellbeing Centre is looking for a caring and enthusiastic individual to lead a weekly Gentle Exercise Group. This will provide an opportunity for vulnerable adults in the local community to engage in low impact exercises and physical activities to support their health and wellbeing. You will have the opportunity to lead the Gentle Exercise Group and plan low impact exercises and fun physical activities for each weekly session. You will help to create a welcoming and engaging environment for people attending the group and encourage their participation. You will also complete a sign-in record and debrief notes for each session.

We are looking for an enthusiastic volunteers to help provide an opportunity for all in our community to take part in our wellbeing groups and activities. You will engage with members of the community within our wellbeing centre groups. Volunteers are required to take on simple administrative tasks for example taking a register and assist with delivering the activities or leading the activity sessions. Our groups include men’s group, women's group, knit & natter, mindfulness, craft group and family groups. Being part of these group would mean you are giving people in our local community the chance to participate in groups and activities whist encouraging a healthier lifestlye and social interaction with others. There are many benefits to be gained from this volunteering opportunity, such as relevant work experience, meeting future contacts, learning new organisational and group leader skills.

We are looking for an enthusiastic volunteer to help provide an opportunity for men in our community to take part in our weekly men’s group who meet weekly on a Wednesday morning. You will engage with members of our community at the group. The group leader will work alongside the men to produce a weekly programme of activities driven by the group members. Whilst the group leader will guide the activities they should also encourage the men to share their knowledge and skills with the rest of the group. You will also be responsible for administrative takes such as taking a register and writing up feedback each week that will be used as evidence for funders of the work being carried. Being part of this initiative would mean you are giving people in our local community the chance to participate in groups and activities whilst encouraging a healthier lifestyle, learning new skills and improving social interaction with others.

We are looking to recruit an enthusiastic and reliable volunteer to support our community engagement team. Working directly under the Centre Manager the successful candidate will work on producing and implementing a marketing plan as well as maintaining communication across our social media platforms such as facebook, Instagram & twitter. Do you have experience in promoting organisations in social media platforms? We need your expertise and help!